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I like to think of my self as quite a savvy shopper, I look high and low for the bargains and follow the ‘Do I need it? Do I want it?’ mantra from Money Saving Expert

I also think that I understand packaging labels fairly well and the difference between the ‘Best Before End’ (it will taste better if you eat it before this date) and the ‘Use by’ (it will be off if you eat it after this date) So when I got home last week from doing the weekly shop I was annoyed that I’d bought mayonnaise that was BBE Jan 08.  Ok, so only a couple of weeks past but still, I’d rather take it back.  So this week, I was eagle eyed at all the labels and to my utter amazement, as we now needed mayo, all of the Morrisons mayonnaise was completely past its BBE date.  One jar even had a date of December 07 and thats pushing it in anyones book.  To be fair to my local store when I highlighted the fact that this whole shelf was past its best the walkie-talkies swung into action and my observation was duely noted.

It did leave me wondering, however, just how many other people might have also bought out of date produce?  Of all the millions of products in store at any one time how many could be past it? But maybe that just what happens, the supermarkets haven’t got enough staff power to constantly be checking all the shelves so they rely on us consumers bringing these things to their attention.  The question is, is that right?

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