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No pain, no gain, but rain!

I’m pleased to say, after this post, that I did indeed have a run at the weekend.

In hindsight, my timing was bad and the dark clouds didn’t quite register. Half way around the circuit the wind picked up and down came the rain! Never-the-less I persevered and the usual 16 min+ run was completed in a new record time of 15 mins 42 sec.thunderstorm

Maybe this doesn’t seem like much, but to me its quite an achievement. However, the faster time wasn’t really down to improved fitness, it was more to do with the biting wind and fear of frostbite taking the tips of my fingers and knee caps (shorts were not a good idea!)

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Last Sunday we celebrated my Dad turning sixty with a big ‘eating party’ at the Hardwick House.  My Dad is particularly good at providing a lot of selection when it comes to a big family meal or party, I’m already looking forward to and wondering what delights will be featuring on the ‘Menu for Christmas’ which should be up on the fridge in the next week or two…

Anyway, back to the party! The open house policy (1-7pm) was a good plan, until (probably down to the great food and excellent service from the Hardwick children) most people decided to stay all day, and into the night!

The atmosphere was good fun and all of my parents friends, some relatives and us enjoyed a fabulous feast of chilli, goulash, curry, shepards pie and far too many deserts to mention.

As you can imagine, it was fairly chaotic at times but that sums us up quite nicely really – here’s some pics before the party started: (in case you’re wondering it was my crazy brothers idea to blow trout faces!) and yes, we are all scarily like clones of each other!

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3…2…1…Melon goes live!

spongebobThe last few weeks at work have been pretty hectic as we’ve revamped the website with a fresh new look and feel and filled it with lots more information on our services and clients.   Whilst the studio team have been working their magic on the cool design elements and quirky monsters, I’ve been helping put together the copy and learning how to link pages and make the website more SEO savvy with the tech geeks!  All in all a massive effort from the Melons and I think a great result, but then I would be a bit biased!

So if you get a chance, check out the Melon website and have a browse through what we’ve been up to.

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