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Hello?… is anyone there?

So why do a blog? Everyone seems to be doing it now-a-days, but thats not a real reason. So am I really just jumping on the already over flowing band-wagon of internet junk, or will there actually be someone, anyone, somewhere out there that will actually take an interest and read it? (excluding my other half and my mother if she ever grasps the concept of the internet!)

Honestly though, what does it matter if no one reads this? My own ego might get slightly dented, but really, I see my blog as an external hard drive of my own mind. The place where I can empty all the random, and sometimes pointless, ramblings out that seem to float around, ebbing and flowing, popping to the surface just at inappropriate moments.

So here I go. First post over. Starting off always seems to be the hardest point. Now I’m ready to unleash the stored up mumblings to the public, enjoy!

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