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This Saturday sees the return of a fantastic annual event – ‘Olney 7s’  – at our beloved Olney RFC.  With loads of teams entered and a big turnout expected (especially if the weather stays this good) the Ladies team are planning to quench thirsts, fill appetites and send the crowd wild with our ‘Tea Room’ style baked goods.  Just in case the weather turns nasty we’ll be running round under umbrellas with flasks of hot tea and coffee!

My contribution is going to be two treats which I baked and took into work a few weeks ago for my birthday.  First up in the oven will be ‘Carrott Cake’ (a la Delia Smith) which initially looked a disaster (left out Bicarbonate of soda – oops!) but eventually after a bit longer cooking it did rise up and tasted fantastic.

And followed by Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies which are a little bit of chocolate heaven, rich, dense and all gooey!

As well as all the tasty cakes and treats on offer we’re also going to be selling strawberries and cream to compliment our ‘Team Room’ style stall, fingers crossed that the weather holds out and we have a great sunny day!

I’ll remember to post up pictures of my tasty delights!

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time does absolutely fly by!

I can’t belive it’s been almost 3 months since my last post (sorry if there are any avid readers out there, probably not!) I’m now totally stuck in my new job as Production Manager at The Creation Agency, the people I work with are ace and there are a few massive projects on the go – one going live tomorrow – eepps!

Amongst other things over this barren blog period I have:

  • been to 2 great weddings and got some fab ideas for mine
  • had a birthday – which I conveniently managed to spread out for a whole week and eat a lot of cake
  • bought a bike and now cycle to work most days (minimum of 3 times a week – extra money saved from not buying petrol going straight into the wedding fund) The first few times it took about 30 mins but I’ve now found a few short cuts and must be getting better as it’s nearer 20 mins now.  (Don’t worry I take a safe route to avoid the Redway attacker in MK – no scaremongering please)
  • had a fantastic weekend in Skegness on my sisters hen do – highlights include the comedy of  ‘Graham Gold’ providing entertainment for 2 coach loads of grannies  .  Grab a Granny dancing follwed and included one 82 year old who said it was the first time she’d been on a hen doo! bless!  The weather was also very kind to us for a morning at the beach – including a swim in the sea! hen doo pichen do pic 2

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My life has been very full the past week, make that two weeks, with lots of activities, action and adventures, here’s a brief low down and the highlights of a very fun and packed few days:

  • It was my last few days at Melon, and we had a little mini celebration/leaving thing at GBK in the Hub in Milton Keynes, very yummy burgers!
  • I then went off to the back of beyond in Wales for a mates Hen doo.  Comedy hotel (our bunk beds were in what appeared to be the annex/conservatory of the bar) and we did loads of crazy activities – first up was Coasteering (clamber along the cliff then fling yourself of and into the sea – 2 hours of freezing water and brain freeze was well worth it!) followed by a high ropes course and then a mud assault course – all ace fun, I still have the bruises to prove it!
  • Me and the H2B went off down to the new forest and stayed in a lovely b&b in Lyndhurst.  He wanted to go to Beaulieu motor museum, I wanted to see the ponies!
  • We then had a day in Bath at the Therma spa. The roof top terrace pool was very lovely and warm despite the overcast weather but the steam rooms were particularly nice – especially the lemon-grass flavoured one! 
  • Then back home and I went for a Body Polish Treatment – full exfoliation and then a delicious mosituriser – my skin has never been so smooth!
  • Boy then decided that as we had time off that we should do the high ropes Aerial extreme course in MK – it was windy and a bit damp but surprisingly scary and good fun all at the same time!
  • Followed by dinner at The Inn at Woburn for a friends b’day – very yummy sea bass and the best goo-ie chocolate brownie pudding ever!  Highly recommend this place, it feels really posh but the prices are surprisingly reasonable.
  • Sunday played rugby – a league game against Stoneygate, the ground was solid we all got our knees and elbows shreaded but won 10-0 fab game!

Now I’m in my new job at the Creation Agency and trying to learn the ropes and remember peoples names!  Just finished baking a lemon curd layer sponge cake, which unfortunately is a bit flat, but, never-the-less I think it’s going to be yummy!

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The other weekend I said good bye to our much loved Fiat Punto. Although it was only mine for a year, it was the other half’s pride and joy for nearly 6 years before that, so its been with us a long time. Whilst it seems a bit silly to get emotional (I didn’t cry though, well, not this time) over a heap of metal parts, for a car thats been with us this many years theres a lot of memories that go with it.

I think, luckily, I sold it to a nice chap who just wanted it for getting about to and from work and wasn’t going to put a load of miles on it or cover it in spoilers and naff tat. Although its not mine anymore, I still feel some sentiments towards the old girl, she done good for us over the years. Now I can get excited about the new car which arrives in May! yipppeeee,

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I’ve been browsing the Radley site (again) to dream over my favourite handbags. Theres just something about the quirky, whimsical designs which pull on my heart strings of desire and make me want another one. Its not even because I need it as a handbag.

58681a.jpgIts because I want to hold onto the soft leather, to run my hands over the embroidery and just enjoy looking at the details and the cute little dog tag. Its not just a bag to me. Its how it makes me feel and I can’t help it!

But it does make it so much easier for The boy when its b’day time, to get me a special present, which he already knows I’ll love forever!!

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So the office discussion today turned (again) to weddings, as we all seem to have a fair few to attend this year. Theres a mix through summer and autumn, multi-cultural, just evening invite, whole day invite, family wedding or a friends. We’ve had long chats over the pros and cons of weddings abroad, guest lists and the right dress as well as all the challenges that go with it – like doing exactly what you want at the expense of others.

I’ve also been getting tips from a colleague about the hen party that she’s had to organise recently as I’ll be helping out with my sisters next year, but it suddenly dawned that next year, my sisters wedding will be the third time I’ll be a bridesmaid. The old superstition hit me like a slap in the face from a wet fish! – Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride. Never? really? NEVER? Well, thankfully, not quite:

“Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride”. The Bridesmaid’s role is to protect the bride from evil forces. Therefore, if a maid is exposed three times to the harmful spirits, then she will not herself be pure to marry. Unless, that is, she goes on to perform this role for a total of seven times – then she is safe to marry!

Are superstitious old wedding wives’ tales really to be believed? I honestly think not, but they’re good bit of fun and add some drama to old traditions.

So after next year, only four more weddings need to have me as a bridesmaid then I’ll be good to marry again….

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Now I don’t claim to be obsessive about anything really. I like things fairly tidy, but then who doesn’t? I’m not too keen on other people clearing up on my behalf (mainly because what might look to some like a chaotic mess is really perfectly ordered to me) and I always double check that I’ve shut the windows and locked the door when I leave the house, and who doesn’t do that?

But now my past is catching up with me. I confess I hoard stationery. I’m a stationery addict, there I admit it. I know that I could very easily spend a whole day browsing around Paper Chase or Hobby Craft and it would fly by in seconds. So now that I’ve moved into a house with my fella (only 2 years ago…) my parents want my old room cleared out, and sooner rather than later. Oh dear. Well, they have held onto the junk I’ve collected for way too long now but still, I’m seriously dreading the hours its going to take me to sort it all out and the decisions that will have to be made. Do I throw away my stick drawings and paintings signed ‘Mary aged 5’ ? and what about the 6 geography GCSE course books full of all my neat handwriting and diagrams of rivers and meanders?  And all of the paintings, sketch books, notes and then theres the music pieces that I anaylsed when studing for A’levels.  As a compulsive hoarder (which I do inherit from my mother) I find it very difficult to throw anything a way, and usually once its gone I’ll inevitably need it for some obscure and highly unexpected reason.  Just how do I decide whats worth keeping?

I suppose if I’ve not wanted for all this stuff in the last two years, it can’t really matter that much.  But I just know that I’ll convince myself into keeping the most ridiculous of items; old cinema stubs, tickets, postcards, flyers, diaries, coloured pens, note paper, endless piles of stationery, receipts, leaflets, freebies, samples just where will it end? And if I’m truely honest with myself, what a waste!

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