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The other weekend I said good bye to our much loved Fiat Punto. Although it was only mine for a year, it was the other half’s pride and joy for nearly 6 years before that, so its been with us a long time. Whilst it seems a bit silly to get emotional (I didn’t cry though, well, not this time) over a heap of metal parts, for a car thats been with us this many years theres a lot of memories that go with it.

I think, luckily, I sold it to a nice chap who just wanted it for getting about to and from work and wasn’t going to put a load of miles on it or cover it in spoilers and naff tat. Although its not mine anymore, I still feel some sentiments towards the old girl, she done good for us over the years. Now I can get excited about the new car which arrives in May! yipppeeee,

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I’ve been browsing the Radley site (again) to dream over my favourite handbags. Theres just something about the quirky, whimsical designs which pull on my heart strings of desire and make me want another one. Its not even because I need it as a handbag.

58681a.jpgIts because I want to hold onto the soft leather, to run my hands over the embroidery and just enjoy looking at the details and the cute little dog tag. Its not just a bag to me. Its how it makes me feel and I can’t help it!

But it does make it so much easier for The boy when its b’day time, to get me a special present, which he already knows I’ll love forever!!

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