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So it’s been a mental few weeks in Maro World.  I’m finally feeling that there’s light at the end and the wild roller coaster of my life and thing are getting back on the right tracks.

Work has been particularly manic and now we’ve launched our new website – www.creationagency.com – all is looking snazzy and frexh. Regular updates and more tweets should get us some more client attention in the future and the office is really proud and buzzing with new ideas to blog about.

I’ve been studing hard to complete my Marketing Information and Research module of the CIM course.  Some good feedback in my tutorial last night has left me feeling more confident that I’ve really now ‘broken the back’ of my proposal.  With only 3 weeks until hand in though I’ve still got a lot of ground to cover.

There’s a fair few sporting events coming up on the calender too, which I’m mega excited about! Saturday we’re off to The Emirates to watch the Arsenal v Tottenham game which should be a great atmostphere!  Then Sunday I’m zooming up to Manchester to play for Olney Ladies against Altrincham Kersal should be another great league encounter.  So far we’ve been performing really well against some tough sides as we’ve gone up to North 1 in the RFUW leagues.  I got my first try on our lovely new Doff’s Field last weekend so I’m hoping for more good play this Sunday – lets just hope my black toe doesn’t cause too much jip! (more to follow on that one)

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Yesterday’s rugby game, Olney Ladies vs Army Ladies Trial Team, was a bit of a stressful one for me.  We were all, understandably, rather nevous at the start.  Afterall, facing an oppositions who’s actual day time job is to be fit is quite a daunting prospect for us part timers that play for the love of the game or just for the enjoyment.  But with a big dose of PMA during the pre-match team talk, we started well and team work prevailed over some of the individual show-boating in the Army side (they were on trial after all).  But as a winger, games can be a bit lonely and get stressful at times when your team mates are diving into the ruck and you look up to a 3-man overlap.  The husky voice I have today is a result of my shouting!  All credit to the Olney Ladies though we did ‘defend like dogs’ and support was there when it was needed. A cracking game throughout and a real test for us, I have strong feelings that we’ll be pretty good in the league this year…

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