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Last Sunday we celebrated my Dad turning sixty with a big ‘eating party’ at the Hardwick House.  My Dad is particularly good at providing a lot of selection when it comes to a big family meal or party, I’m already looking forward to and wondering what delights will be featuring on the ‘Menu for Christmas’ which should be up on the fridge in the next week or two…

Anyway, back to the party! The open house policy (1-7pm) was a good plan, until (probably down to the great food and excellent service from the Hardwick children) most people decided to stay all day, and into the night!

The atmosphere was good fun and all of my parents friends, some relatives and us enjoyed a fabulous feast of chilli, goulash, curry, shepards pie and far too many deserts to mention.

As you can imagine, it was fairly chaotic at times but that sums us up quite nicely really – here’s some pics before the party started: (in case you’re wondering it was my crazy brothers idea to blow trout faces!) and yes, we are all scarily like clones of each other!

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What a lovely lamb.

I probably only eat a full roast dinner two or three times a year, one being Christmas and the other times at special occasions, and yesterday was one such occasion.

My other half’s parents were celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and it was up to us kids to cook; my fella being in charge of meat and his sister doing the veg. After a quick search in the recipe books, Roast Lamb a la Ainsley was the meat of choice, stuffed with a breadcrumb and fresh herb stuffing (rosemary, thyme and sage). lamb

Our expectations were riding high, fresh lamb from the local butcher and herbs from the garden, I couldn’t wait. 2 and a half hours cooking, 30 minutes rest and with proper, proper gravy – scraping all the gooey bits off the bottom of the pan and we even boiled the leg bone to make the stock! The table was set, all 9 of us crammed in and with all the trimmings and plenty of veg it made for the best roast dinner ever.

Some comedy dancing to the complete Abba Gold CD, a film and the happy couple falling straight to sleep on the sofa (too much champers) topped of a great afternoon gastronomic feast.

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