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My dreams of staring on Krypton Factor were just beginning to fade along with the memories of tractor driving, when I saw this article on the beeb.

Needless to say I think I’ll be applying, especaially as Gladiators was a no-go!

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Last week a colleague and I went to one of the roadshows that our client, Kubota (a tractor and groundcare machinery manufacturer)  run across the UK,  bi-annually.

Despite  appearances, this was not just a jolly day out for  us!  (we did network with the sales guys, support staff and our contacts.  Honest)

To have unlimited access to all the machinery is fantastic! By driving these machines we got a better understanding of what makes them good and why we’re doing the marketing/ advertising/ promotional stuff for them. Also it was ACE!

As long as you have a high vis jacket on, its all go – most of the machines have the keys in the ignitions ready for you to just hop on a try the machine out (with some instruction, of course!) Here I am on an RTV (a utility vehicle) which is brilliant fun, even for a girl like me! Whilst zooming about round the RTV course was great, my personal favourite was the mini diggers, I got carried away digging myself a proper little trench, in true Krypton Factor style fashion.

I wish that show was still on, I loved it.  I’d would have been a great contestant (maybe not so good on the Mental Agility though)

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