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I was lucky enough to be number 18 in the queue at the SweatShop in Milton Keynes last Saturday, bagging myself a pair of the Nike Air Pegasus running shoes, at the 1983 price of £27.99!  The first 25 customers getting the trainers for this price as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration, a bargain I certainly couldn’t miss out on! wmns-air-pegasus-25_m

I do try and go running every now and then, I even got a Nike+ sensor so I could track and monitor my progress, but I honestly had no idea how much difference a good pair of running trainers would make.  I was springy, light and for a few moments it felt so easy just to run, I could even feel the wind through my toes! But I’m not a natural long distance runner, I’m not the right shape to have stamina and after 20mins I’d run out of gas, but the trainers were perfect and now I’m actually looking forward to a run at the weekend!

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Mud glorious mud!

Yesterday’s game at Shelford was one of the muddiest games I’ve played in a long time. With ice-y slush from the snow overnight still covering the shady areas of the pitch and a cold wind blowing right across, I was pleased to have my trusty thermal on. Although, running out for the start, the sudden and freezing rain really added to the atmosphere and from the off the sense of impending and inevitable mud covering was soon satisfied! There was a lot of sliding and slipping about and the uneven pitch didn’t help – running up hill through wet mud is a skill I’m yet to master (maybe I could learn something from cross-country skiing?)

However, the choice to go up the hill in the first was genius as we rumbled on down the hill in the second, scoring 2 tries and the Olney forwards giving a masterclass in scrummaging. I particularly enjoyed the ref trying to tell our props to ease off the pressure and stop pushing! Brilliant!

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Topics covered last night at college included an introduction to more analysis tools – PEST also know as SLEPT or STEEPLE or PESTLE and also something that I’d never heard of or read before, most of us were just a little confused for the first 20 mins.

The whole atmosphere of the evening unfortunately ran along the same lines, the exam question for the last 30 mins being the final ‘nail in the coffin’ to be dramatic.  The group mentality spiraled into complete panic about how to actually answer the question, and most of us spending 80% of the time on the first part – doing a PEST – and running out of time to complete the rest of the 18 marks on offer out of a 20 mark question.  Oops.  My fingers are crossed that doing practice exam papers and reading specimen answers and the examiners comments will help to build some structure and calm pre-exam tension… plus its not until March!

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What a lovely lamb.

I probably only eat a full roast dinner two or three times a year, one being Christmas and the other times at special occasions, and yesterday was one such occasion.

My other half’s parents were celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and it was up to us kids to cook; my fella being in charge of meat and his sister doing the veg. After a quick search in the recipe books, Roast Lamb a la Ainsley was the meat of choice, stuffed with a breadcrumb and fresh herb stuffing (rosemary, thyme and sage). lamb

Our expectations were riding high, fresh lamb from the local butcher and herbs from the garden, I couldn’t wait. 2 and a half hours cooking, 30 minutes rest and with proper, proper gravy – scraping all the gooey bits off the bottom of the pan and we even boiled the leg bone to make the stock! The table was set, all 9 of us crammed in and with all the trimmings and plenty of veg it made for the best roast dinner ever.

Some comedy dancing to the complete Abba Gold CD, a film and the happy couple falling straight to sleep on the sofa (too much champers) topped of a great afternoon gastronomic feast.

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the course continues

Week 5 at college last night on my CIM certificate in marketing course.  Even though I’ve done some reading over reading week, half term and another reading week, it felt like ages since I’d last concentrated on the college work.  And most of the first 4 weeks of learning had magically disappeared from my brain for at least the first hour of class!

Its a hard slog going to class on a monday night (6pm – 9.30pm) straight from work, but at least my class mates are good fun and we cover the work pretty quickly.  There’s a lot of chat, personal opinions and experiences with the topics we’re discussing – last night was The Marketing Plan and Strategy – and I’m finding this an excellent way to remember things.

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I realised I haven’t blogged in ages. Partly because:

1) work is manic as we’re re-doing our website and I’m writing all the copy,

2) the boiler broke so spare weekends / evenings has involved the other half’s uncle, the plumber and boiler man, fixing pipes here and there,

3) As a result of number 2 I’ve been feeling poorly and cold most of the time (a hot water bottle and gas heater just isn’t enough some times),

4) lots of rugby training and playing now the season is well under way,

5) having lots of cuddles with the dog because his play mate had to be put down, but thats another story.

So this morning I was rushing to get out the door on time, which is always more of a rush on mondays because its monday and because I always feel extra tired and a bit bruised and battered after a good game the day before.

Our game the day before was against Leicester Stoneygate and I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive about it. Primarily because I don’t like going there. It’s the worst club, location and pitch in the world. It has its own micro climate which is always either cold, windy or wet, and yesterday was no exception. Its games like these when I really appreciate my thermal sports top (with long sleeves thank god.) Anyways, we won 27-5 and I scored twice! yey!

mr-bumpAfter breakfast mulling over the scrapes on my hands and thinking about the bumps on my knees, I then made a mad morning worse when I managed to trip over the stairgate (which keeps the dog downstairs) on my way down and tumble straight on into the dogs bed. Luckily as its only on the bottom step it wasn’t far to go, but I managed to smack the back of my left hand into the corner of the radiator on the way and there’s a rather large egg shape appearing – ouch.

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