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the course continues

Week 5 at college last night on my CIM certificate in marketing course.  Even though I’ve done some reading over reading week, half term and another reading week, it felt like ages since I’d last concentrated on the college work.  And most of the first 4 weeks of learning had magically disappeared from my brain for at least the first hour of class!

Its a hard slog going to class on a monday night (6pm – 9.30pm) straight from work, but at least my class mates are good fun and we cover the work pretty quickly.  There’s a lot of chat, personal opinions and experiences with the topics we’re discussing – last night was The Marketing Plan and Strategy – and I’m finding this an excellent way to remember things.

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back to college…

I’ve enrolled at my local college in the hope of getting on the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing Course, a bit of a career enhancer, and hopefully my way to find out ‘what I want to do’.  Monday, 2pm was my interview and just happened to be the first day back at college for full time students.  Blimey! did I feel old! It’s been perhaps 5 years since I left college for University but the fresh faced students, rowdy with summer stories,  catching up with mates and establishing themselves within the new school (complete with pool table and table football in the cafeteria!) was a surprise as I’m a young girl at heart.  But now doing a professional course will definitely change my perception of what college will be like as an adult student!

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