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So it’s been a mental few weeks in Maro World.  I’m finally feeling that there’s light at the end and the wild roller coaster of my life and thing are getting back on the right tracks.

Work has been particularly manic and now we’ve launched our new website – www.creationagency.com – all is looking snazzy and frexh. Regular updates and more tweets should get us some more client attention in the future and the office is really proud and buzzing with new ideas to blog about.

I’ve been studing hard to complete my Marketing Information and Research module of the CIM course.  Some good feedback in my tutorial last night has left me feeling more confident that I’ve really now ‘broken the back’ of my proposal.  With only 3 weeks until hand in though I’ve still got a lot of ground to cover.

There’s a fair few sporting events coming up on the calender too, which I’m mega excited about! Saturday we’re off to The Emirates to watch the Arsenal v Tottenham game which should be a great atmostphere!  Then Sunday I’m zooming up to Manchester to play for Olney Ladies against Altrincham Kersal should be another great league encounter.  So far we’ve been performing really well against some tough sides as we’ve gone up to North 1 in the RFUW leagues.  I got my first try on our lovely new Doff’s Field last weekend so I’m hoping for more good play this Sunday – lets just hope my black toe doesn’t cause too much jip! (more to follow on that one)

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Yes, last night the doorstep had a surprise waiting for me.  The dreaded results letter!!

Way back in June (on my birthday no less) I sat a 3hr exam on the topic ‘Assessing the Marketing Environment’ as part of my course with CIM.   I spent 6 weeks reading, re-reading and studying a case study on Toyota and trying to anticipate what sort of questions would come up in the exam.

During the exam I remember writing a lot, filling masses of pages of the answer booklet, emptying my brain of all the associated knowledge of Toyota that I had accumulated.  So, almost immediately when ‘Time’s Up’ was called out in the exam room I had forgotten everything that I had been scribbling down and had no idea how I had done or if I had even done enough to pass!

Letter-AWell last night results were in and I managed an A grade.  I’m so chuffed with this as it means I got at least 85% (you don’t get a specific mark) so all the late nights spent reading and revising were well worth it.  Hoo-rah!

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Not quite a final countdown, but the first of many…

cursive1Back to college last night and only 2 lessons left now on the Marketing Essentials module, and that also means only 6 weeks to the dreaded exam. Not only is the thought of trying to memorise all the information and then remember it during the exam starting to worry me, the thought of actually trying to write for 3 hours solid is a real issue. Its been a long time since I last took an exam, and even trying to do past papers, after 20mins my writing is more like a drunk spider walking ink across the page than legible English. I wonder though, perhaps this could work to my advantage? If the jist of the phasing is there, the examiner could interpret my scrawls as very insightful and in depth knowledge of Marketing theory… or not.

Another issue is that this module overlaps with the Marketing Environment module, whilst I’m sure all the information I take in (if any) is useful, begining to learn a new subject and balance revision for the first one is going to be tricky throughout January and February. So, anyway I better get on with it. Next chapter to read: Distribution Channels and Pricing Strategies…

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Topics covered last night at college included an introduction to more analysis tools – PEST also know as SLEPT or STEEPLE or PESTLE and also something that I’d never heard of or read before, most of us were just a little confused for the first 20 mins.

The whole atmosphere of the evening unfortunately ran along the same lines, the exam question for the last 30 mins being the final ‘nail in the coffin’ to be dramatic.  The group mentality spiraled into complete panic about how to actually answer the question, and most of us spending 80% of the time on the first part – doing a PEST – and running out of time to complete the rest of the 18 marks on offer out of a 20 mark question.  Oops.  My fingers are crossed that doing practice exam papers and reading specimen answers and the examiners comments will help to build some structure and calm pre-exam tension… plus its not until March!

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the course continues

Week 5 at college last night on my CIM certificate in marketing course.  Even though I’ve done some reading over reading week, half term and another reading week, it felt like ages since I’d last concentrated on the college work.  And most of the first 4 weeks of learning had magically disappeared from my brain for at least the first hour of class!

Its a hard slog going to class on a monday night (6pm – 9.30pm) straight from work, but at least my class mates are good fun and we cover the work pretty quickly.  There’s a lot of chat, personal opinions and experiences with the topics we’re discussing – last night was The Marketing Plan and Strategy – and I’m finding this an excellent way to remember things.

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