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On my way home from a friends last night I tuned in to Radio 5 Live and was listening to Stephen Nolan’s live discussion. The topic was based around Alan Sugar’s comments about why he would think twice before employing a woman. Quite a fierce and thought provoking debate ensused and some interesting comments from both male and female employers were made.

It would seem that large organisations don’t really have this problem – they have enough contingency money to fund maternity leave and the cover in the office that is required. But for small businesses it could even be a float or sink crisis. As I currently work for a small company (only 9 of us) this really got me thinking. Although it might be 5 or even 10 years before I entertain the thought of starting a family, it is definitly something I want, but suppose I am still working for a small company when my ‘child bearing age’ kicks in? Should I feel guilty about the 12months paid leave and the cost the company has to bear for my temporary replacement? Or am I just exercising ‘my right’?

A female employer called in and said she only employed older women who had had their children and were back in career mode, so, unsurprisingly, when asked about employing women of a child bearing age she responded “I wouldn’t even interview them”. Are women of that particular child bearing age really such a risk to employ?

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