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A dramatic dog rescue.  Yes, I’ve had a bit of a dramatic morning.

My occasional drive in (I usually cycle to work) along the V4 in Milton Keynes took a dramatic turn when a little jack russel ran out of a Farm House and across the road in front of my car.  Luckily it was a little bit ahead of me with no cars in front so I saw the little dog from a way off and had time to slow down.  At the next roundabout I turned back, thinking to myself that this is someone’s pet that has escaped, if it was my Dog I would definitely hope that some one would bring him back.

I parked up on the side of the road and walked up the redway to where the little guy had run up into the bushes.  He was friendly enough and had that ‘oops, I’ve been a bad dog’ look.  So I scooped him up and started walking toward the Farm House to return him home when another car stopped and asked if I had just found that dog as he saw it go under a car.   Realising then that my right hand (supporting the dogs back legs) was warm, wet and covered in blood.

The man from the other car was a great help and we took the poor little dog back to the house, which was empty, so we phoned the number on his collar – no answer, left a message.   Hmmm, can’t leave a bleeding dog lying on the porch….

Not knowing whether to take him to the vets or wait around we eventually found a path at the back of the house that led to the farm.  A brief wander through hay, mud and cowpats and we found the owner who was really grateful, thanked us and said he’d be off to the vets!  Luckily I think the little dog only had a cut to the top of it’s leg just under the tail and had a very lucky escape!

So now I’ve got the blood off my top, cleaned my shoes and was only 15 mins late to work.  What a morning!

Good deed for the day = check.

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I was lucky enough to be number 18 in the queue at the SweatShop in Milton Keynes last Saturday, bagging myself a pair of the Nike Air Pegasus running shoes, at the 1983 price of £27.99!  The first 25 customers getting the trainers for this price as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration, a bargain I certainly couldn’t miss out on! wmns-air-pegasus-25_m

I do try and go running every now and then, I even got a Nike+ sensor so I could track and monitor my progress, but I honestly had no idea how much difference a good pair of running trainers would make.  I was springy, light and for a few moments it felt so easy just to run, I could even feel the wind through my toes! But I’m not a natural long distance runner, I’m not the right shape to have stamina and after 20mins I’d run out of gas, but the trainers were perfect and now I’m actually looking forward to a run at the weekend!

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milton-keynes1.jpgAs it was a special occasion me and the other half went out for dinner Friday night. As the ‘Hub’ in Milton Keynes is close by we’ve been steadily trying out all the new restaurants in the area. So, Brasserie Blanc was next on the list.

The restaurant space was refreshingly small and cosy, immediately after walking in all senses were overloaded with the bustling atmosphere, the buzz of the other diners and the sizzling noises and smells drifting out from the open kitchen area. The decor was friendly, casual and relaxed as were the staff who were instantly warming and knowledgeable. Despite the restaurant being almost at capacity the food came quickly and was very tasty, if a bit rich for our regular food-y stomachs.

Very yummy over all and not mega expensive either, washed down with a good Bordeux and some goo-ey chocolate pudding, calorific-delicious!

Now to plan where to go next…

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