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Driving into work this morning I had a “near miss” – almost but not quite an accident but makes you draw in breath and you feel as if you heart has skipped a beat for a moment.

At one of the many roundabouts in MK, I was positioned alongside a long lorry laden with drainage pipes (who was turning right) and also sandwiched in between another two lorry’s (in front and behind)mk2.jpg I had one of those feelings that the long lorry turning right was going to want a wide berth so I held back a little, but the cars at the next junction onto the roundabout had, rather brilliantly, begun to creep forward expecting a gap in traffic after the lorry in front of me. Swerving slightly to avoid the on coming cars the large yellow cab of the lorry loomed ominously in my drivers side window! (Here’s when I did take a sharp breath) Thankfully I managed to nip through the gap but I expect that most of the other motorists in my vicinity were non the wiser about my little panic. Hmm maybe it wasn’t such a close call, but still, my heart still raced!

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Rugby in the rain….

Boo to the recent weather downpours. Theres nothing worse than trying to train for rugby in the pouring rain and wind, you get freezing cold, you can’t catch the ball as your hands are so numb and the wet mud is smelly, gritty and not unlike a very unpleasant exfoiliator.

Its a pickle that all sports enthusiasts face- its hard to enjoy your favourite sport rugbymud438.jpgwhen your soaked through (but you do slip and slide about which is good fun) , but equally it can be just as bad being boiling hot (and the ground is solid, ripping your knees to shreads) when your trying to play rugby. Oh, fingers crossed for some lovely soft ground, clear skies, no wind and perfect dry day for the match on sunday!

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Theres been growing coverage on the rise of ‘txt’ language creeping into our everyday lives, especially in the ‘younger’ generations. Abreviations filling work emails, conversations and everyday communications so much so that the true English language is slowly being diluted. But recently I discovered that communication skills have changed more than I realised (or ever gave that much thought too).


So heres the situation; I’m selling my car. I’ve listed it with a good acurate description and plenty of nice photographs and my contact details, I expected a few email enquiries, followed up by a phone call and maybe if really interested the buyer would come and view the car and haggle after the test drive. So I was somewhat surprised when a prospective buyer began a text conversation about the car. I emailed the reply as there was too much to write in a text. Then the texts started again this time to haggle price. Why can’t they phone? Why don’t they come and see the car first?

Is it the current trend in our society not to talk anymore? everything is done online, over the internet, by email or text. We never really have to speak to anyone voice to voice or even just face to face anymore. Maybe the whole communication process has been de-personalised, or maybe there are just so many more options available for us to communicate with each other that we choose the easiest, most unconfrontational and quickest. It is good to talk, but sometimes not for too long!

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As its been said many times already, England were very poor in last weekends Six Nations game against Scotland, very rubbish indeed. Now I’m a rugby player and fan but by no means a tactical expert or know-it-all when it comes to the finer details, but any ‘Jo public’ could see that the England players, as a team, lacked passion, quality and attacking force. Yes, Scotland played their hearts out, they played intelligently, put their kicks into touch and played an aggressive defence that drove England back and disrupted their game plan. And it worked. No England player took the responsibility to go forward, break over that gain line, play with ball in hand and make the tackles.

_44484139_cipriani_wilko203getty.jpgSo rant over and changes have been made. I’m glad that Cipriani gets his chance, one team shouldn’t rely on a talisman like Jonny, because when he’s not firing, it really shows. Fingers crossed that the young gun will step up (and not be seen out after midnight this week) and really take his chance.

But back to my point, and that is that these guys are professional sportsmen.  They probably train everyday, keep themselves fit, healthy, watch what they eat and practice the moves, the basics of rugby as a team every training session.  They’ve played since they’ve been able to run and hold a ball, they know the rules and they know or they should have the experience to know how to change a game and if somethings not working. Try something else.  Endless high kicks up in the air were obviously not working so why wasn’t it changed?  Where were the wingers chasing the ball? – thats your job, you’re meant to be the fastest on the pitch so if the ball goes up, you follow, simple as that.   Lets hope the lads have a better day at the office against Ireland.



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So the office discussion today turned (again) to weddings, as we all seem to have a fair few to attend this year. Theres a mix through summer and autumn, multi-cultural, just evening invite, whole day invite, family wedding or a friends. We’ve had long chats over the pros and cons of weddings abroad, guest lists and the right dress as well as all the challenges that go with it – like doing exactly what you want at the expense of others.

I’ve also been getting tips from a colleague about the hen party that she’s had to organise recently as I’ll be helping out with my sisters next year, but it suddenly dawned that next year, my sisters wedding will be the third time I’ll be a bridesmaid. The old superstition hit me like a slap in the face from a wet fish! – Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride. Never? really? NEVER? Well, thankfully, not quite:

“Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride”. The Bridesmaid’s role is to protect the bride from evil forces. Therefore, if a maid is exposed three times to the harmful spirits, then she will not herself be pure to marry. Unless, that is, she goes on to perform this role for a total of seven times – then she is safe to marry!

Are superstitious old wedding wives’ tales really to be believed? I honestly think not, but they’re good bit of fun and add some drama to old traditions.

So after next year, only four more weddings need to have me as a bridesmaid then I’ll be good to marry again….

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milton-keynes1.jpgAs it was a special occasion me and the other half went out for dinner Friday night. As the ‘Hub’ in Milton Keynes is close by we’ve been steadily trying out all the new restaurants in the area. So, Brasserie Blanc was next on the list.

The restaurant space was refreshingly small and cosy, immediately after walking in all senses were overloaded with the bustling atmosphere, the buzz of the other diners and the sizzling noises and smells drifting out from the open kitchen area. The decor was friendly, casual and relaxed as were the staff who were instantly warming and knowledgeable. Despite the restaurant being almost at capacity the food came quickly and was very tasty, if a bit rich for our regular food-y stomachs.

Very yummy over all and not mega expensive either, washed down with a good Bordeux and some goo-ey chocolate pudding, calorific-delicious!

Now to plan where to go next…

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