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I’ve been a complete Olympic-addict over the last two weeks, eagerly awaiting the highlights on the TV in the evenings after work (Euro Sport HD has had fantastic non-stop coverage) and munching my cereal to the Breakfast Bulletins each morning.  So great has my obsession grown that I’ve been trying to catch up on those missing bits by watching the videos on the BBC website, which is brilliant!

The thrills and spills from the Modern Pentathalon has left me chuckling this afternoon.  These events seem to only pop up in the main sports media circle every 4 years and these athletes must be insane! Shoot, Fence, Swim, Show Jump and Run. All in one day! And on a randomly selected horse you’ve never ridden before. EVER!  No wonder it makes for such fascinating watching! I’ve managed to watch most of the Equestrian events, I love the cross country and show jumping (not so much dressage I confess) but it all looks so easy when the professional riders tackle these difficult courses.  Watching the pentathletes (who’ve already done three events and have a 3km run still to do) struggle round the course on un-familiar, seemingly wild beasts, really makes the competition wide open.  You may be doing quite well, then, like poor Yahor Lapo of Belarus, his horse, Pingping, decides not to play the game, resulting in a whopping 1200 penalties!

With such successes in cycling, swimming and rowing I’ve found myself glowing with pride and feeling truly patriotic as various previously un-heard of members of Team GB hop up on the podium and clutch their hearts as God Save the Queen rings out. I now can’t wait for 2012 and for our athletes to get their golds on home turf!

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Horse-ing around…

The horses in the field next to my office window moved bit closer today. The lush grassy strip between the office and their actual field must have been so tempting for them over the last couple of weeks, finally today they’ve been moved in there for the afternoon (presumably to cut the grass down a bit!). I happen to like animals and horses in particular, so trying to concentrate this afternoon with the soft sounds of grass munching, tail swishing and rather loud neighing was rather difficult!

It does make me feel quite privileged as someone who loves the great outdoors; the wafts and sounds and aromas of country life, to work in such idyllic surroundings!

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