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A large box arrived for me this morning. Its the Philips Pressurised Steam Generator Iron which I have received because I’ve signed up to a new WOM (Word of Mouth) marketing campaign run by Bzz. Since joining this site I’ve tested and reported back on the digestive capabilities of Activia Yoghurts, the tastiness of Appletisers new Fruitiser range and a 3 in 1 Ladies Razor. All very enjoyable and good fun I assure you, but this new one with the Iron is not really for me.

As I don’t iron (Not one thing. Nothing. We don’t even own an ironing board) this iron is going to be put to good use by the other half’s sister who, with 2 kids, irons everything. I’m going to enjoy popping round for a cuppa and asking how she’s getting on with this massive high powered ironing monster.

Apparently it’s going to cut the ironing time in half….

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