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I realised I haven’t blogged in ages. Partly because:

1) work is manic as we’re re-doing our website and I’m writing all the copy,

2) the boiler broke so spare weekends / evenings has involved the other half’s uncle, the plumber and boiler man, fixing pipes here and there,

3) As a result of number 2 I’ve been feeling poorly and cold most of the time (a hot water bottle and gas heater just isn’t enough some times),

4) lots of rugby training and playing now the season is well under way,

5) having lots of cuddles with the dog because his play mate had to be put down, but thats another story.

So this morning I was rushing to get out the door on time, which is always more of a rush on mondays because its monday and because I always feel extra tired and a bit bruised and battered after a good game the day before.

Our game the day before was against Leicester Stoneygate and I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive about it. Primarily because I don’t like going there. It’s the worst club, location and pitch in the world. It has its own micro climate which is always either cold, windy or wet, and yesterday was no exception. Its games like these when I really appreciate my thermal sports top (with long sleeves thank god.) Anyways, we won 27-5 and I scored twice! yey!

mr-bumpAfter breakfast mulling over the scrapes on my hands and thinking about the bumps on my knees, I then made a mad morning worse when I managed to trip over the stairgate (which keeps the dog downstairs) on my way down and tumble straight on into the dogs bed. Luckily as its only on the bottom step it wasn’t far to go, but I managed to smack the back of my left hand into the corner of the radiator on the way and there’s a rather large egg shape appearing – ouch.

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Rugby in the rain….

Boo to the recent weather downpours. Theres nothing worse than trying to train for rugby in the pouring rain and wind, you get freezing cold, you can’t catch the ball as your hands are so numb and the wet mud is smelly, gritty and not unlike a very unpleasant exfoiliator.

Its a pickle that all sports enthusiasts face- its hard to enjoy your favourite sport rugbymud438.jpgwhen your soaked through (but you do slip and slide about which is good fun) , but equally it can be just as bad being boiling hot (and the ground is solid, ripping your knees to shreads) when your trying to play rugby. Oh, fingers crossed for some lovely soft ground, clear skies, no wind and perfect dry day for the match on sunday!

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