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Yes, last night the doorstep had a surprise waiting for me.  The dreaded results letter!!

Way back in June (on my birthday no less) I sat a 3hr exam on the topic ‘Assessing the Marketing Environment’ as part of my course with CIM.   I spent 6 weeks reading, re-reading and studying a case study on Toyota and trying to anticipate what sort of questions would come up in the exam.

During the exam I remember writing a lot, filling masses of pages of the answer booklet, emptying my brain of all the associated knowledge of Toyota that I had accumulated.  So, almost immediately when ‘Time’s Up’ was called out in the exam room I had forgotten everything that I had been scribbling down and had no idea how I had done or if I had even done enough to pass!

Letter-AWell last night results were in and I managed an A grade.  I’m so chuffed with this as it means I got at least 85% (you don’t get a specific mark) so all the late nights spent reading and revising were well worth it.  Hoo-rah!

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Topics covered last night at college included an introduction to more analysis tools – PEST also know as SLEPT or STEEPLE or PESTLE and also something that I’d never heard of or read before, most of us were just a little confused for the first 20 mins.

The whole atmosphere of the evening unfortunately ran along the same lines, the exam question for the last 30 mins being the final ‘nail in the coffin’ to be dramatic.  The group mentality spiraled into complete panic about how to actually answer the question, and most of us spending 80% of the time on the first part – doing a PEST – and running out of time to complete the rest of the 18 marks on offer out of a 20 mark question.  Oops.  My fingers are crossed that doing practice exam papers and reading specimen answers and the examiners comments will help to build some structure and calm pre-exam tension… plus its not until March!

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