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Somedays I just love fulfilling the little bit of domestic goddess in me. I’m at home when in the kitchen and cooking up something scrummy but making deserts is one part of my repertoire thats somewhat lacking. I can do ice cream; thats just a bung it the in the machine type job, and I’ve managed a cheesecake in the past but otherwise baking eludes me. So yesterday with some left over pastry I decided a proper tart was in order and I was honestly amazed at its simplicity.

This treacle tart was truly scrumptious! Although, unfortunately not quite disaster free. I slightly over filled the pastry case and the resulting gooey syrup bubbled over and left a rather charcoaled smoking mess on the bottom of the oven. Any hoo, a delicious, meant to serve 8, calorie horrific pudding was eagerly consumed by just me and the other half over the weekend!

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