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So it’s been a mental few weeks in Maro World.  I’m finally feeling that there’s light at the end and the wild roller coaster of my life and thing are getting back on the right tracks.

Work has been particularly manic and now we’ve launched our new website – www.creationagency.com – all is looking snazzy and frexh. Regular updates and more tweets should get us some more client attention in the future and the office is really proud and buzzing with new ideas to blog about.

I’ve been studing hard to complete my Marketing Information and Research module of the CIM course.  Some good feedback in my tutorial last night has left me feeling more confident that I’ve really now ‘broken the back’ of my proposal.  With only 3 weeks until hand in though I’ve still got a lot of ground to cover.

There’s a fair few sporting events coming up on the calender too, which I’m mega excited about! Saturday we’re off to The Emirates to watch the Arsenal v Tottenham game which should be a great atmostphere!  Then Sunday I’m zooming up to Manchester to play for Olney Ladies against Altrincham Kersal should be another great league encounter.  So far we’ve been performing really well against some tough sides as we’ve gone up to North 1 in the RFUW leagues.  I got my first try on our lovely new Doff’s Field last weekend so I’m hoping for more good play this Sunday – lets just hope my black toe doesn’t cause too much jip! (more to follow on that one)

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This Saturday sees the return of a fantastic annual event – ‘Olney 7s’  – at our beloved Olney RFC.  With loads of teams entered and a big turnout expected (especially if the weather stays this good) the Ladies team are planning to quench thirsts, fill appetites and send the crowd wild with our ‘Tea Room’ style baked goods.  Just in case the weather turns nasty we’ll be running round under umbrellas with flasks of hot tea and coffee!

My contribution is going to be two treats which I baked and took into work a few weeks ago for my birthday.  First up in the oven will be ‘Carrott Cake’ (a la Delia Smith) which initially looked a disaster (left out Bicarbonate of soda – oops!) but eventually after a bit longer cooking it did rise up and tasted fantastic.

And followed by Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies which are a little bit of chocolate heaven, rich, dense and all gooey!

As well as all the tasty cakes and treats on offer we’re also going to be selling strawberries and cream to compliment our ‘Team Room’ style stall, fingers crossed that the weather holds out and we have a great sunny day!

I’ll remember to post up pictures of my tasty delights!

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My life has been very full the past week, make that two weeks, with lots of activities, action and adventures, here’s a brief low down and the highlights of a very fun and packed few days:

  • It was my last few days at Melon, and we had a little mini celebration/leaving thing at GBK in the Hub in Milton Keynes, very yummy burgers!
  • I then went off to the back of beyond in Wales for a mates Hen doo.  Comedy hotel (our bunk beds were in what appeared to be the annex/conservatory of the bar) and we did loads of crazy activities – first up was Coasteering (clamber along the cliff then fling yourself of and into the sea – 2 hours of freezing water and brain freeze was well worth it!) followed by a high ropes course and then a mud assault course – all ace fun, I still have the bruises to prove it!
  • Me and the H2B went off down to the new forest and stayed in a lovely b&b in Lyndhurst.  He wanted to go to Beaulieu motor museum, I wanted to see the ponies!
  • We then had a day in Bath at the Therma spa. The roof top terrace pool was very lovely and warm despite the overcast weather but the steam rooms were particularly nice – especially the lemon-grass flavoured one! 
  • Then back home and I went for a Body Polish Treatment – full exfoliation and then a delicious mosituriser – my skin has never been so smooth!
  • Boy then decided that as we had time off that we should do the high ropes Aerial extreme course in MK – it was windy and a bit damp but surprisingly scary and good fun all at the same time!
  • Followed by dinner at The Inn at Woburn for a friends b’day – very yummy sea bass and the best goo-ie chocolate brownie pudding ever!  Highly recommend this place, it feels really posh but the prices are surprisingly reasonable.
  • Sunday played rugby – a league game against Stoneygate, the ground was solid we all got our knees and elbows shreaded but won 10-0 fab game!

Now I’m in my new job at the Creation Agency and trying to learn the ropes and remember peoples names!  Just finished baking a lemon curd layer sponge cake, which unfortunately is a bit flat, but, never-the-less I think it’s going to be yummy!

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Mud glorious mud!

Yesterday’s game at Shelford was one of the muddiest games I’ve played in a long time. With ice-y slush from the snow overnight still covering the shady areas of the pitch and a cold wind blowing right across, I was pleased to have my trusty thermal on. Although, running out for the start, the sudden and freezing rain really added to the atmosphere and from the off the sense of impending and inevitable mud covering was soon satisfied! There was a lot of sliding and slipping about and the uneven pitch didn’t help – running up hill through wet mud is a skill I’m yet to master (maybe I could learn something from cross-country skiing?)

However, the choice to go up the hill in the first was genius as we rumbled on down the hill in the second, scoring 2 tries and the Olney forwards giving a masterclass in scrummaging. I particularly enjoyed the ref trying to tell our props to ease off the pressure and stop pushing! Brilliant!

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I realised I haven’t blogged in ages. Partly because:

1) work is manic as we’re re-doing our website and I’m writing all the copy,

2) the boiler broke so spare weekends / evenings has involved the other half’s uncle, the plumber and boiler man, fixing pipes here and there,

3) As a result of number 2 I’ve been feeling poorly and cold most of the time (a hot water bottle and gas heater just isn’t enough some times),

4) lots of rugby training and playing now the season is well under way,

5) having lots of cuddles with the dog because his play mate had to be put down, but thats another story.

So this morning I was rushing to get out the door on time, which is always more of a rush on mondays because its monday and because I always feel extra tired and a bit bruised and battered after a good game the day before.

Our game the day before was against Leicester Stoneygate and I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive about it. Primarily because I don’t like going there. It’s the worst club, location and pitch in the world. It has its own micro climate which is always either cold, windy or wet, and yesterday was no exception. Its games like these when I really appreciate my thermal sports top (with long sleeves thank god.) Anyways, we won 27-5 and I scored twice! yey!

mr-bumpAfter breakfast mulling over the scrapes on my hands and thinking about the bumps on my knees, I then made a mad morning worse when I managed to trip over the stairgate (which keeps the dog downstairs) on my way down and tumble straight on into the dogs bed. Luckily as its only on the bottom step it wasn’t far to go, but I managed to smack the back of my left hand into the corner of the radiator on the way and there’s a rather large egg shape appearing – ouch.

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Yesterday’s rugby game, Olney Ladies vs Army Ladies Trial Team, was a bit of a stressful one for me.  We were all, understandably, rather nevous at the start.  Afterall, facing an oppositions who’s actual day time job is to be fit is quite a daunting prospect for us part timers that play for the love of the game or just for the enjoyment.  But with a big dose of PMA during the pre-match team talk, we started well and team work prevailed over some of the individual show-boating in the Army side (they were on trial after all).  But as a winger, games can be a bit lonely and get stressful at times when your team mates are diving into the ruck and you look up to a 3-man overlap.  The husky voice I have today is a result of my shouting!  All credit to the Olney Ladies though we did ‘defend like dogs’ and support was there when it was needed. A cracking game throughout and a real test for us, I have strong feelings that we’ll be pretty good in the league this year…

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It’s now less than a month to go until our first rugby match of the new season and, although its only a friendly, there seems to be no amount of fitness training that can prepare your body up to match fitness other than actually playing a lot of matches (past experience you see).

I do feel much more motivated and prepared this year compared with a lot of previous seasons (having won ‘Most Improved Player for 2007/8’ I feel v proud, but I’ve still got a lot to work on, fitness and stamina being my priority No 1) Its not that I’m an unfit person really, I’ve settled into a good fitness routine, helped ten fold by the other half’s unwaivering new addition to exercise since his knee op, and as a competitive gal I can’t let myself down when he’s off to the gym most nights.  So for the last few months its been:

Monday – Circuits (too many tuck jumps last week though and I was close to vomiting. Urghh. I thank circuits, and ‘Frank Brunos’ in particular for my increasingly defined ‘4pack’ woohoo!)  Tuesdays, he’s at the gym so I do a Fartlek run and then 30mins powerwalk with dog in tow.  Wednesday – Rugby! yey!.  Thursday is pretty much the same as Tuesday.  Friday is sometimes a rest day as is Saturday and Sunday, but I might do a quick run.

But what I struggle with is stamina.  Its frustrating, I’m a fairly decent sprinter (powerhouse thighs means I’ll never be seen in skinny jeans)  but once I’ve used the tank it takes ages to get my breath back and get the lactic acid from the afore mentioned thighs.  So I’ve changed recently from pushing myself to run for more than 15 mins in one go, which I sometimes find boring as well as hard work, I’m just not built for the long distance stuff, to Fartlek runs which involves: sprint x 30 seconds, jog/recover x 10seconds repeated for 10 mins.  I think I’m feeling some improvement but its going to be a long process.

All this exercise means I can scoff loads of yummy grub, I totally agree with CKs mate Rob, as I’m permanently hungry and I’d be humongous if I couldn’t exercise! So its rugby training tonight and as its chucking it down it’s going to be a rather soggy session.  I think I’ll have another biscuit thanks, going to need to keep the energy up!

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Rugby in the rain….

Boo to the recent weather downpours. Theres nothing worse than trying to train for rugby in the pouring rain and wind, you get freezing cold, you can’t catch the ball as your hands are so numb and the wet mud is smelly, gritty and not unlike a very unpleasant exfoiliator.

Its a pickle that all sports enthusiasts face- its hard to enjoy your favourite sport rugbymud438.jpgwhen your soaked through (but you do slip and slide about which is good fun) , but equally it can be just as bad being boiling hot (and the ground is solid, ripping your knees to shreads) when your trying to play rugby. Oh, fingers crossed for some lovely soft ground, clear skies, no wind and perfect dry day for the match on sunday!

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As its been said many times already, England were very poor in last weekends Six Nations game against Scotland, very rubbish indeed. Now I’m a rugby player and fan but by no means a tactical expert or know-it-all when it comes to the finer details, but any ‘Jo public’ could see that the England players, as a team, lacked passion, quality and attacking force. Yes, Scotland played their hearts out, they played intelligently, put their kicks into touch and played an aggressive defence that drove England back and disrupted their game plan. And it worked. No England player took the responsibility to go forward, break over that gain line, play with ball in hand and make the tackles.

_44484139_cipriani_wilko203getty.jpgSo rant over and changes have been made. I’m glad that Cipriani gets his chance, one team shouldn’t rely on a talisman like Jonny, because when he’s not firing, it really shows. Fingers crossed that the young gun will step up (and not be seen out after midnight this week) and really take his chance.

But back to my point, and that is that these guys are professional sportsmen.  They probably train everyday, keep themselves fit, healthy, watch what they eat and practice the moves, the basics of rugby as a team every training session.  They’ve played since they’ve been able to run and hold a ball, they know the rules and they know or they should have the experience to know how to change a game and if somethings not working. Try something else.  Endless high kicks up in the air were obviously not working so why wasn’t it changed?  Where were the wingers chasing the ball? – thats your job, you’re meant to be the fastest on the pitch so if the ball goes up, you follow, simple as that.   Lets hope the lads have a better day at the office against Ireland.



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