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CIMG3973Here they are! The first ‘crop’ of potatoes from my garden! Very exciting!

Although I don’t have very green fingers, I love the outdoors and if nothing else – have plenty of motivation for growing my own.  Lettuce and rocket are the main growers in the mini greenhouse and I’ve got 4 tomatoe plants on the go (no actual tomatoes yet.)  Apart from Lettuce my main success so far has been 5 weenie, but extremely tasty strawberries.

I don’t have a big garden and it’s all patio so everything is dotted around in pots and tubs.  Many months ago some potatoes we had got left over and started to sprout, so I stuck them in the bottom of a big tub and as the leaves grew up, I kept adding soil to grow the plant right up to the top.  After months of foliage a couple of flowers appeared and then dropped off so I thought it must be time to take a look.  And here are the results! Enough for me and H2B for dinner and lots left for lunch as well! result!

After a quick wash – they came out of the soil practically clean – I boiled them and served just with some butter melted in and a few spring onions sliced on top.  Absolutely declicious!

I’ll definitely be bunging a few more left over spuds in pots next year!

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Garden Magic

I can’t tell you how excitied I was yesterday when I discovered something miraculous growing in the garden. I like trying to ‘grow my own’ and have had success with most varieties of lettuce and rocket, I’ve tried tomatoes (got about 4 in total…) and the strawberry plants grown from seed have yeilded 1, yes one strawberry. It was very tasty, but still, just the one. So when an old grow bag started to sprout, I thought it was a tomatoe plant coming back to life so I’ve watered it, put it in a more sunny spot and watched its progress without too much hope for any produce. But that all changed yesterday. As I was watering said mystery plant the soil shifted and to my utter surprise, there in the black earth glistened a large yellow mass, a potatoe!

I can only guess that after watching Jamie at Home I must have bunged a potatoe in this used grow bag and completly forgotten about it. Amazingly I have grown spuds without even knowing it! So the bigger ones (4 as you can see) I have picked out but there seems to be plenty of more to come. So fingers crossed that
my careful transplanting into a proper tub has not damaged this mystery plant!

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winning the war…

on slugs.  Yes, I finally feel that I’m cracking down on the slimy army that have been munching on my tender leaf salad crop for the last few weeks.  My options for slime control have been limited – we have a dog therefore slug pellets both chemical or organic dog friendly ones just aren’t an option – he’d just eat it up regardless.

So my tactic has been simple.  Slug Patrol.  It’s tedious, disgusting and sometimes time consuming but I think, finally, the slug population of our small garden is more under control.  So, if its been a rainy day, or in the mornings if the ground is damp and dewy out I go, armed with torch, gloves, trowel and a plastic pint glass filled with hot soapy salted water.  And in plop the slugs.  Ewwww. It’s not pretty, I don’t enjoy it, I feel cruel and rather alarmingly I found that large snails make a replusive ‘fizzing’ sound as they sink.  Yuuuk!

At least ‘Slug Patrol’ is now only a couple of times a week, with it getting warmer and sunnier, thankfully the remaining slugs have retreated to the dark damp patch near the compost bin where they can stay.  Far away from my rocket, basil and lettuce plants, which are now coming along nicely.  Yum!

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