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fabulous snow…

As with most of the country we’ve enjoyed a fair amount of snow this week.

Made it into work on Monday – we’re lucky here that the MK grid roads clear fairly quickly.  It was only the last turn into the car park where I discovered going straight was the only option – turning the steering wheel had none of the usual directional effect you would normally expect.   This snowman was started by some young boy who looked quite tired out after rolling the body, so when he left we finished it off with a head and leaf bikini, much to the boys surprise on his return! Magic!

Then this morning theres a fresh 5 inches both on my car and all over the garden –  which the dog enjoyed immensely. So as the office is closed today, I’m going to make the most of the opportunity to get the wellies on a enjoy a walk in the fresh air and make the most of my favourite sound – the crunch of soft snow underfoot.

Also best use the time wisely to get going on my revision for my first CIM exam next month….

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No pain, no gain, but rain!

I’m pleased to say, after this post, that I did indeed have a run at the weekend.

In hindsight, my timing was bad and the dark clouds didn’t quite register. Half way around the circuit the wind picked up and down came the rain! Never-the-less I persevered and the usual 16 min+ run was completed in a new record time of 15 mins 42 sec.thunderstorm

Maybe this doesn’t seem like much, but to me its quite an achievement. However, the faster time wasn’t really down to improved fitness, it was more to do with the biting wind and fear of frostbite taking the tips of my fingers and knee caps (shorts were not a good idea!)

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