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Over the last few weeks I’ve finally been getting round to a bit of wedding planning.  With a rough idea of the date as  May/June 2011 there’s plenty of time and neither H2B or I have been that fussed about serious wedding plans.  (Plus my sisters wedding is just 4 weeks away now so we’re all focusing on that for now)  But, at said sisters dress fitting a few weeks ago I quickly had a go trying on a couple of dresses – as we were there, it’s got to be done! And that really started the wedding ideas off!

So then last weekend me and H2B sorted out a joint account (serious enough) and then went off to Bletchley Park to meet the Event Co-ordinator for Zest (the contractors) and have a look around the mansion house as a potential wedding venue.

bletchley Mansion

With a lot of tour groups milling around I intially thought that this isn’t the best ‘intimate’ wedding venue, but, and it’s a fairly big but – we were totally taken with the Library room where you can have a ceremony.  Its so full of character and has that age old charm that most modern civil ceremony venues seriously lack (not that we’ve seen loads though)  It’s quirky and a bit of a marmite decor, but it’s just the sort of unique and atmostpheric place we felt comfortable to get married in – yipes!

Then onto the Ballroom suite and billard room – there was a wedding that afternoon so it was all set up which was fantastic as sometimes it’s really hard to image what these places will be like.  High celings, panelled walls and wooden floors – the rooms are fabulous, grand and elegant.  So I said to myself – don’t get over excited all this grandure = massively over budget.  Yet with a bit of haggling me and H2B agreeded it’s totally do-able AND within our budget – crikey!

As H2B hasn’t been overly enthusiastic until now with regards to wedding stuff,  so I was doubly surprised (and mega excited) when he was really interested in the place! Blimey!

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time does absolutely fly by!

I can’t belive it’s been almost 3 months since my last post (sorry if there are any avid readers out there, probably not!) I’m now totally stuck in my new job as Production Manager at The Creation Agency, the people I work with are ace and there are a few massive projects on the go – one going live tomorrow – eepps!

Amongst other things over this barren blog period I have:

  • been to 2 great weddings and got some fab ideas for mine
  • had a birthday – which I conveniently managed to spread out for a whole week and eat a lot of cake
  • bought a bike and now cycle to work most days (minimum of 3 times a week – extra money saved from not buying petrol going straight into the wedding fund) The first few times it took about 30 mins but I’ve now found a few short cuts and must be getting better as it’s nearer 20 mins now.  (Don’t worry I take a safe route to avoid the Redway attacker in MK – no scaremongering please)
  • had a fantastic weekend in Skegness on my sisters hen do – highlights include the comedy of  ‘Graham Gold’ providing entertainment for 2 coach loads of grannies  .  Grab a Granny dancing follwed and included one 82 year old who said it was the first time she’d been on a hen doo! bless!  The weather was also very kind to us for a morning at the beach – including a swim in the sea! hen doo pichen do pic 2

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