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For his birthday this year (even though its not for another week… it got opened early) I got my other half this Jivebox which so far has been a excellent addition to the music entertainment in our kitchen. Sound is really good for such a little speaker (even over the washing machine) and putting the ipod on shuffle this morning, the fab tune (and one of my favourites) Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough on the Michael Jackson mix was a brilliant start and had me bopping around whilst making the sarnies. I think this is one of those gadgets that will definitely get used a lot!

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Yesterday’s rugby game, Olney Ladies vs Army Ladies Trial Team, was a bit of a stressful one for me.  We were all, understandably, rather nevous at the start.  Afterall, facing an oppositions who’s actual day time job is to be fit is quite a daunting prospect for us part timers that play for the love of the game or just for the enjoyment.  But with a big dose of PMA during the pre-match team talk, we started well and team work prevailed over some of the individual show-boating in the Army side (they were on trial after all).  But as a winger, games can be a bit lonely and get stressful at times when your team mates are diving into the ruck and you look up to a 3-man overlap.  The husky voice I have today is a result of my shouting!  All credit to the Olney Ladies though we did ‘defend like dogs’ and support was there when it was needed. A cracking game throughout and a real test for us, I have strong feelings that we’ll be pretty good in the league this year…

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My dreams of staring on Krypton Factor were just beginning to fade along with the memories of tractor driving, when I saw this article on the beeb.

Needless to say I think I’ll be applying, especaially as Gladiators was a no-go!

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Last week a colleague and I went to one of the roadshows that our client, Kubota (a tractor and groundcare machinery manufacturer)  run across the UK,  bi-annually.

Despite  appearances, this was not just a jolly day out for  us!  (we did network with the sales guys, support staff and our contacts.  Honest)

To have unlimited access to all the machinery is fantastic! By driving these machines we got a better understanding of what makes them good and why we’re doing the marketing/ advertising/ promotional stuff for them. Also it was ACE!

As long as you have a high vis jacket on, its all go – most of the machines have the keys in the ignitions ready for you to just hop on a try the machine out (with some instruction, of course!) Here I am on an RTV (a utility vehicle) which is brilliant fun, even for a girl like me! Whilst zooming about round the RTV course was great, my personal favourite was the mini diggers, I got carried away digging myself a proper little trench, in true Krypton Factor style fashion.

I wish that show was still on, I loved it.  I’d would have been a great contestant (maybe not so good on the Mental Agility though)

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Back to college tonight…

First class of my CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing, Module 1: Essentials of Marketing starts tonight at MK College. I’m slightly nervous about the whole thing. It’s not just the going back to college, it’s meeting new people, new situations and concentrating from 6-9.30pm every Monday for the foreseeable future! But at least I feel fairly prepared for the hard work that it’s going to be and in my preparation I have organised the following…

1) Got a new notebook from Paperchase, any excuse to browse stationery and I’m there. I did refrain from also buying (with the justifications) – a pencil tin (it’s an adult course after all), a variety of coloured pens (because I have thousands) and a magazine bag (I’ve got one already!) which is all pretty strict by my standards!

2) Discussed with the OH (other half) about food arrangements for Mondays. He’ll be out training and then have a steak, so not exactly demanding, I’ll just sort myself out when I get back in (fish finger sarnie for quickness I think!)

3) Accepted that all Monday nights for the next 13 weeks (and then 13 weeks after that on Module 2) are going to be spent at College, concentrating.

4) The 90mins between work and rugby training on a Wednesday night, will now be my study time (will have to check I can stay late it the office…)

5) Need to find another study time.

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back to college…

I’ve enrolled at my local college in the hope of getting on the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing Course, a bit of a career enhancer, and hopefully my way to find out ‘what I want to do’.  Monday, 2pm was my interview and just happened to be the first day back at college for full time students.  Blimey! did I feel old! It’s been perhaps 5 years since I left college for University but the fresh faced students, rowdy with summer stories,  catching up with mates and establishing themselves within the new school (complete with pool table and table football in the cafeteria!) was a surprise as I’m a young girl at heart.  But now doing a professional course will definitely change my perception of what college will be like as an adult student!

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As I sat watching “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” with my West Highland White Terrier dog Rocky the reality of what our pets have become struck a cord. I’ve always loved watching Crufts yet never really appreciated the true welfare problems these dogs face. I know it’s plain to see, on holiday in France was a prime example, of a ball of fur (some sort of Pekenise but I couldn’t be sure) with a squashed up face, struggling to breathe and control its temperature in the heat of the day. Its these over the top, out of proportion, deformities that breeders need to re-address and go for the healthy dogs not just those that will make ‘breed standard’.

Now its all come out in the media (I’m sure its always been there, just not mainstream) there really has been a snowball effect and the RSPCA has gladly made full use of the publicity – good for them! I’m lucky that my Westie is very good condition, we met both parents and the breeder was a lovely lady, for her it was just a little hobby, not to win best in show. But now at almost 3years old the tell tale signs of Westie problems – skin conditions and allergies – are beginning to show (very minor though which is a relief. ) I hope, come January 2009, the RSPCA report on Pedigree dog welfare makes headline news again and more breeders take notice of the publics increasing interest.

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