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It’s freezing cold, the snow is turning icey and my car told me it was a chilly -6 this morning so I’m reminiscing over my top festive highlights to warm myself up. Memories of lazy brunches, stodgey food, a lot of puddings and comedy games have really cheered me up! Here’s my run down of Christmas activities:

  • Going to play Quasar at the work Christmas party – apprehension that it was going to be a let down was truly way off – it was brilliant fun! Even the quiet ones in the office showed their competitive edge!
  • Our friends cocktail party – some very creative concoctions were knocked up and playing ‘Lips‘ was great fun – the drunk boys rendition of Tina Turner will definitely be remembered for a long while (and viewed on facebook a lot!)
  • Seeing Stonehenge whilst driving to Wiltshire for boxing day with the Hardwicks
  • Wrapping up like ‘Michelin Man‘ to take the dog on long walks around the various lakes and woods of Milton Keynes
  • Watching loads of DVD’s and films – including my all time classic favourite – Swiss Family Robinson

But my top top highlight (and what I will never forget 2008 for) the best Christmas present ever (yes, even better when I got my first bike aged 9…) a new Yamaha Arius 140 electric piano! The boy really did good! I’ve already spent many hours trying to listen for the digital sound but it really is a clever piece of kit!arius140

The touch sensitive keys and ‘hammer action’ are uncannily realist and so I’ve spent the best part of my week off happy thuding away with headphones on…

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