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Garden Magic

I can’t tell you how excitied I was yesterday when I discovered something miraculous growing in the garden. I like trying to ‘grow my own’ and have had success with most varieties of lettuce and rocket, I’ve tried tomatoes (got about 4 in total…) and the strawberry plants grown from seed have yeilded 1, yes one strawberry. It was very tasty, but still, just the one. So when an old grow bag started to sprout, I thought it was a tomatoe plant coming back to life so I’ve watered it, put it in a more sunny spot and watched its progress without too much hope for any produce. But that all changed yesterday. As I was watering said mystery plant the soil shifted and to my utter surprise, there in the black earth glistened a large yellow mass, a potatoe!

I can only guess that after watching Jamie at Home I must have bunged a potatoe in this used grow bag and completly forgotten about it. Amazingly I have grown spuds without even knowing it! So the bigger ones (4 as you can see) I have picked out but there seems to be plenty of more to come. So fingers crossed that
my careful transplanting into a proper tub has not damaged this mystery plant!

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