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I was lucky enough to be number 18 in the queue at the SweatShop in Milton Keynes last Saturday, bagging myself a pair of the Nike Air Pegasus running shoes, at the 1983 price of £27.99!  The first 25 customers getting the trainers for this price as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration, a bargain I certainly couldn’t miss out on! wmns-air-pegasus-25_m

I do try and go running every now and then, I even got a Nike+ sensor so I could track and monitor my progress, but I honestly had no idea how much difference a good pair of running trainers would make.  I was springy, light and for a few moments it felt so easy just to run, I could even feel the wind through my toes! But I’m not a natural long distance runner, I’m not the right shape to have stamina and after 20mins I’d run out of gas, but the trainers were perfect and now I’m actually looking forward to a run at the weekend!

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