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The other weekend I said good bye to our much loved Fiat Punto. Although it was only mine for a year, it was the other half’s pride and joy for nearly 6 years before that, so its been with us a long time. Whilst it seems a bit silly to get emotional (I didn’t cry though, well, not this time) over a heap of metal parts, for a car thats been with us this many years theres a lot of memories that go with it.

I think, luckily, I sold it to a nice chap who just wanted it for getting about to and from work and wasn’t going to put a load of miles on it or cover it in spoilers and naff tat. Although its not mine anymore, I still feel some sentiments towards the old girl, she done good for us over the years. Now I can get excited about the new car which arrives in May! yipppeeee,

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