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winning the war…

on slugs.  Yes, I finally feel that I’m cracking down on the slimy army that have been munching on my tender leaf salad crop for the last few weeks.  My options for slime control have been limited – we have a dog therefore slug pellets both chemical or organic dog friendly ones just aren’t an option – he’d just eat it up regardless.

So my tactic has been simple.  Slug Patrol.  It’s tedious, disgusting and sometimes time consuming but I think, finally, the slug population of our small garden is more under control.  So, if its been a rainy day, or in the mornings if the ground is damp and dewy out I go, armed with torch, gloves, trowel and a plastic pint glass filled with hot soapy salted water.  And in plop the slugs.  Ewwww. It’s not pretty, I don’t enjoy it, I feel cruel and rather alarmingly I found that large snails make a replusive ‘fizzing’ sound as they sink.  Yuuuk!

At least ‘Slug Patrol’ is now only a couple of times a week, with it getting warmer and sunnier, thankfully the remaining slugs have retreated to the dark damp patch near the compost bin where they can stay.  Far away from my rocket, basil and lettuce plants, which are now coming along nicely.  Yum!

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