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Back to college tonight…

First class of my CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing, Module 1: Essentials of Marketing starts tonight at MK College. I’m slightly nervous about the whole thing. It’s not just the going back to college, it’s meeting new people, new situations and concentrating from 6-9.30pm every Monday for the foreseeable future! But at least I feel fairly prepared for the hard work that it’s going to be and in my preparation I have organised the following…

1) Got a new notebook from Paperchase, any excuse to browse stationery and I’m there. I did refrain from also buying (with the justifications) – a pencil tin (it’s an adult course after all), a variety of coloured pens (because I have thousands) and a magazine bag (I’ve got one already!) which is all pretty strict by my standards!

2) Discussed with the OH (other half) about food arrangements for Mondays. He’ll be out training and then have a steak, so not exactly demanding, I’ll just sort myself out when I get back in (fish finger sarnie for quickness I think!)

3) Accepted that all Monday nights for the next 13 weeks (and then 13 weeks after that on Module 2) are going to be spent at College, concentrating.

4) The 90mins between work and rugby training on a Wednesday night, will now be my study time (will have to check I can stay late it the office…)

5) Need to find another study time.

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