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Not quite a final countdown, but the first of many…

cursive1Back to college last night and only 2 lessons left now on the Marketing Essentials module, and that also means only 6 weeks to the dreaded exam. Not only is the thought of trying to memorise all the information and then remember it during the exam starting to worry me, the thought of actually trying to write for 3 hours solid is a real issue. Its been a long time since I last took an exam, and even trying to do past papers, after 20mins my writing is more like a drunk spider walking ink across the page than legible English. I wonder though, perhaps this could work to my advantage? If the jist of the phasing is there, the examiner could interpret my scrawls as very insightful and in depth knowledge of Marketing theory… or not.

Another issue is that this module overlaps with the Marketing Environment module, whilst I’m sure all the information I take in (if any) is useful, begining to learn a new subject and balance revision for the first one is going to be tricky throughout January and February. So, anyway I better get on with it. Next chapter to read: Distribution Channels and Pricing Strategies…

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