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My other half is quite established in the kitchen now when it comes to special dinners, especially anything curry related. Since getting a curry cookbook for Christmas he’s not looked back, from delicious fragrant curry’s from West India to the dry spices of Goa, we’ve really got a taste for the variety of flavours you experience in a curry.

india.gifAs we’re having some friends over in the week he made a Vindaloo at the weekend, and contrary to popular belief (and English stlye curries) a Vindaloo is not meant to be a blow-your-head-off-chili-  stinky-poo-type curry! My own taste buds are quite sensitive to chili hot spices but the combination of vinegar (Vin) and garlic (aloo) is a pleasant and not too long lasting fire on the tongue sensation.

What I’m really looking forward to is the Green Masala that he’s also made – I’ll have to post up the recipe!

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