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Yesterday’s rugby game, Olney Ladies vs Army Ladies Trial Team, was a bit of a stressful one for me.  We were all, understandably, rather nevous at the start.  Afterall, facing an oppositions who’s actual day time job is to be fit is quite a daunting prospect for us part timers that play for the love of the game or just for the enjoyment.  But with a big dose of PMA during the pre-match team talk, we started well and team work prevailed over some of the individual show-boating in the Army side (they were on trial after all).  But as a winger, games can be a bit lonely and get stressful at times when your team mates are diving into the ruck and you look up to a 3-man overlap.  The husky voice I have today is a result of my shouting!  All credit to the Olney Ladies though we did ‘defend like dogs’ and support was there when it was needed. A cracking game throughout and a real test for us, I have strong feelings that we’ll be pretty good in the league this year…

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