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The local gym that my other half goes to has got a promotion on this month as a thanks to the members for their patience during the recent renovations.  And the promotion is that a friend can get a free guest pass to use the gym for a week.

So my first night will be tonight, my aim is to do a good 30 mins on the cardio machines (rower/ treadmill/ x-trainer) and maybe some weights, but I’m not a gym kinda girl.  I get so bored and on a nice summer evening I’m much rather be outside (where running is free!) Anyways, fingers crossed that classes are included in the promotion, I’ve always fancied a go at spinning….

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Rugby in the rain….

Boo to the recent weather downpours. Theres nothing worse than trying to train for rugby in the pouring rain and wind, you get freezing cold, you can’t catch the ball as your hands are so numb and the wet mud is smelly, gritty and not unlike a very unpleasant exfoiliator.

Its a pickle that all sports enthusiasts face- its hard to enjoy your favourite sport rugbymud438.jpgwhen your soaked through (but you do slip and slide about which is good fun) , but equally it can be just as bad being boiling hot (and the ground is solid, ripping your knees to shreads) when your trying to play rugby. Oh, fingers crossed for some lovely soft ground, clear skies, no wind and perfect dry day for the match on sunday!

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As its been said many times already, England were very poor in last weekends Six Nations game against Scotland, very rubbish indeed. Now I’m a rugby player and fan but by no means a tactical expert or know-it-all when it comes to the finer details, but any ‘Jo public’ could see that the England players, as a team, lacked passion, quality and attacking force. Yes, Scotland played their hearts out, they played intelligently, put their kicks into touch and played an aggressive defence that drove England back and disrupted their game plan. And it worked. No England player took the responsibility to go forward, break over that gain line, play with ball in hand and make the tackles.

_44484139_cipriani_wilko203getty.jpgSo rant over and changes have been made. I’m glad that Cipriani gets his chance, one team shouldn’t rely on a talisman like Jonny, because when he’s not firing, it really shows. Fingers crossed that the young gun will step up (and not be seen out after midnight this week) and really take his chance.

But back to my point, and that is that these guys are professional sportsmen.  They probably train everyday, keep themselves fit, healthy, watch what they eat and practice the moves, the basics of rugby as a team every training session.  They’ve played since they’ve been able to run and hold a ball, they know the rules and they know or they should have the experience to know how to change a game and if somethings not working. Try something else.  Endless high kicks up in the air were obviously not working so why wasn’t it changed?  Where were the wingers chasing the ball? – thats your job, you’re meant to be the fastest on the pitch so if the ball goes up, you follow, simple as that.   Lets hope the lads have a better day at the office against Ireland.



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Poor Eduado, twenty five today and in hospital nursing what could be a career ending injury. I really feel for the guy. Watching the game you just knew it was serious stuff when the panic set in on the other players faces, the medical team swooped into action, and the fact that the commentators said they couldn’t replay the incident as some viewers may find it distressing. Crikey.

eduado.jpgBeing an inquisitive type, and the other half being a life long Arsenal fan, we had a quick look online, its not for the faint hearted. The whole team looked completely aghast and it seemed like it was going to be really difficult for them to continue. Win it for Eduado we said! well the managed the draw, ok in the circumstances.

Thankfully he had surgery within hours and it seems, from this press release that he’s in good spirits and determined to recover quickly, although, its going to be a long road.

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must do more…

Exercise.  I’m having a real battle lately.  I absolutely love going rugby training on a Wednesday night and playing on a Sunday for my team Olney Ladies.  Its not just that we play in very glamorous pink and grey striped kit, its the team spirit of it all and the fact that I enjoy it so much it doesn’t really seem like I’m exercising.   But at home its a real will-power struggle to get out on other days to go running, or swimming or anything.  Now I’m no couch-potatoe (90% of the time) and walking the dog for 30 mins each night does count as exercise, doesn’t it?

I can’t understand why I daily tell myself that I’ll do some exercise tonight and never actually go through with it (except for some consolation press ups/ squats/ sit ups just before bed). Then I’ll say, I’ll get up early and go for a run. Not.

My poor other half, it drives him mad.  For a sporty guy he’s been virtually banned from any impact exercise for near on four years. Now almost 7 months since his major re-constructive knee surgery and  finally he’s out on his bike and might even try a light jog at the weekend.   I must remember this more when I’m being pathetic and wimping out.

It just goes to show that you don’t really appreciate what your body can do until that ability is taken away from you.

I’ll go out for a run tonight.

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